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Understanding the complexities of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), determining leave eligibility, and minimizing lost productivity costs can be some of the most challenging responsibilities for an HR professional.

Thankfully, FMLA Manager online service simplifies leave management without the hassel of paper files and spreadsheets.

Using our intuitive FMLA tracking software, you can easily add an employee's leave request based on the FMLA parameters you set up by company location. The process walks you through six simple steps:

  1. Federal and state leave reasons
  2. Employee eligibility
  3. Entitlement of leave
  4. Certification requirements
  5. Administrative information such as health insurance coverage
  6. Status of the leave

To schedule leave, select a date range for continuous leave or click on specific date(s) to schedule intermittent FMLA leave. It’s never been easier to track how many hours are available, generate the appropriate forms, and attached necessary documentation for your records!

You can also find leave requests in the system by searching by name, location, department, request date, leave status, and more.

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