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J. J. Keller® FMLA Manager provides the tools needed to simplify leave tracking and ensure compliance. Click on the features below to learn more, or try it today for free and find out for yourself just how beneficial this intuitive online solution can be!

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NEW Employee Center

Streamline the employee leave process even further with FMLA Manager’s Employee Center, included with your subscription. Employees and administrators can communicate and manage tasks more easily than ever before in this central hub.

  • When employees log in to the Employee Center, they can:
  • Make leave requests directly to the administrator
  • View all active and pending leave requests
  • Receive messages and documents from the administrator
  • Send messages and documents to the administrator
  • Track leave time balances across all leave requests
  • And more

The Employee Center provides a secure, automated channel for simplifying employee leave management while allowing administrators to retain complete control of the process.

Administrators approve unique employee logins to the Employee Center, providing them secure access to their specific leave files. Employees can then perform required tasks inside the platform while the administrator retains total oversight of all sensitive data.

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Simplified Leave Scheduling

FMLA Manager simplifies leave management by providing an intuitive, step-by-step process for entering employee leave requests, eliminating the need to tedious paper files and spreadsheets. Simply follow the on-screen prompts pertaining to:

  1. Federal and State Leave Reasons
  2. Employee Eligibility
  3. Entitlement of Leave
  4. Certification Requirements
  5. Administrative Information
  6. Status of Leave

Then, select a date range for continuous leave or choose specific dates to schedule intermittent FMLA leave — it’s that easy!

You can also search existing leave requests by name, location, department, request date, leave status, and more.

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Individual Location Management

If your organization has multiple locations across the country, you need to be aware of each individual location’s specific leave requirements, as they may vary by state. Thankfully, FMLA Manager allows you to separately manage the federal, state and company‑specific leave parameters for all of your locations.

With FMLA Manager, you can define the following leave parameters for each location:

Federal Leave Year
Choose between 12-mo. rolling backward, 12-mo. measured forward, anniversary date, fixed 12-mo. period, or calendar year to ensure calculations are accurate.

Additional Federal Leave
You may have only one program but provide more leave time than is required by law.

Additional Leave Programs
Track additional company-specific leave programs above and beyond federal and state requirements.

State FMLA Leave Programs
View the state-specific program guidelines for specific locations.

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Easy Employee Management

With FMLA Manager, you can easily import all of your employees at once or add employees one‑by‑one as leave is requested. Once uploaded, you can specify personalized employee scheduling metrics — such as job status, department, location, and more — to more accurately track work history, validate eligibility, and cut down on time-consuming administrative tasks.

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Accurate Leave Projection

A covered employer must grant an eligible employee up to a total of 12 weeks of unpaid FMLA for qualifying reasons (or 26 weeks of FMLA military caregiver leave) during any 12-month period. Since FMLA may be taken in weeks, days, hours, or even minutes, it’s important to continually track how much leave an employee has remaining at any given time.

FMLA Manager allows you to easily calculate the amount of leave currently available to a particular employee based on parameters established for their location and the amount of leave previously schedule. Simply enter the date and the number of hours the employee works weekly, and in seconds you’ll have an exact calculation for the remaining hours left for federal, state and other designated leave programs.

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Forms Library and Reporting

Forms Library
FMLA Manager’s comprehensive forms library provides instant access to up-to-date state and federal FMLA forms (FMLA request form, intermittent FMLA form, medical leave form, etc.), plus detailed policy templates that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.


Reporting Tools
FMLA Manager also offers a full suite of robust FMLA reporting tools that turn complex leave info into actionable data you can analyze at a glance. View, download, and print a wide variety of reports to help you stay on top of usage, status, time available and more.

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Notifications and Alerts

Easily set reminders and appointments on standard leave request due dates such as certification/recertification requests, eligibility notices, and more. All reminders will appear in the ‘Notifications and Alerts’ section of the FMLA Manager homepage. You can also set up calendar appointments and email notifications.


The ‘News and Updates’ section alerts you to the latest state and federal FMLA updates, along with related FMLA news stories, proposed rules, and government reports.

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Word-For-Word Regulatory Reference

Understanding the complexities of the Family and Medical Leave Act can be a daunting task, even for seasoned HR professionals. That’s why FMLA Manager provides ongoing access to a full library of federal and state requirements complete with plain English explanations. It also offers additional FMLA regulatory guidance on a variety of unique situations and topics.

You’ll benefit from J. J. Keller® ez Explanation™ summaries on:

  • Family Responsibility Discrimination (FRD)
  • FMLA Rules and Regulations
  • Interactive Process
  • Reasonable Accommodations
  • Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Serious Health Conditions

Plus, reference in-depth case studies for:

  • Contingent Workforce
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • GINA Title II and the FMLA

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Best-In-Class Training

Thorough FMLA training ensures all employees understand their roles and responsibilities under the Family and Medical Leave Act. It also significantly reduces the chance of costly tracking errors that could result in fines and litigation.

To streamline FMLA administration, FMLA Manager provides ongoing access to expert curated FMLA training for supervisors and employees, plus a wide range of additional support materials. Take advantage of:

  • FMLA Training PowerPoints
  • Demonstrations
  • Quizzes with Answers
  • Handouts for Employees
  • FMLA Training for Managers
  • Training Certificates
  • Employee FMLA Checklists
  • And more!

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24/7 Compliance Assistance

Our popular ‘Personal Assistant’ feature provides direct access to our trusted team of in-house FMLA experts — acknowledged industry leaders with over 500 years of combined experience — who are standing by to answer your toughest questions. It’s like having your own FMLA compliance assistant on-hand to field all your HR inquiries!

Simply enter your subject and question(s) in the provided form, click submit, and our experts will respond with a thorough answer within one business day.

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The average cost of defending an FMLA lawsuit is $78,000. That's why accurate FMLA tracking is important!

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