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Streamline the FMLA leave process even further with a dedicated hub for employees and administrators.

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Managing employee leave is often confusing and time-consuming. It’s even more challenging to keep employees and HR administrators on the same page as they navigate the process. Fortunately, the J. J. Keller FMLA Manager’s Employee Center simplifies engagement and task management, saving time – and frustration – for everyone involved.

What is the Employee Center?

The Employee Center is a centralized communication and engagement hub included with your subscription to FMLA Manager. Administrators can grant employees access to the portal, where they will be able to view information and complete tasks related to FMLA leave requests.

Once logged in, employees can:

  • REQUEST new leave to submit directly to the FMLA Manager administrator
  • VIEW important company-specific links and contact information
  • GET NOTIFICATIONS when they have new messages or documents to view from the administrator
  • SEND documents and messages to the administrator
  • MONITOR all active and pending leave requests
  • TRACK leave time balances across all leave requests

More Transparency, Less Administrative Burden

The FMLA Manager Employee Center offers a secure, automated channel for administrators to manage leave requests more quickly, eliminating the need for redundant data entry and paperwork. Administrators approve unique employee logins to the Employee Center, providing them secure access to their specific leave files. Employees can then perform required tasks inside the platform while the administrator retains complete oversight of all sensitive data.

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Reminder of all the key features of the FMLA Manager Leave Tracking Software:

  • SCHEDULE LEAVE - With just the click of your mouse, quickly select the dates for continuous or intermittent leave.
  • PROJECT AVAILABLE LEAVE  - Quickly determine the amount of FMLA leave that is currently available for an employee based on the leave previously scheduled.
  • MANAGE EMPLOYEES - Import all of your employees at once or add employees one at a time as leave is requested.
  • NOTIFICATIONS AND ALERTS - Get notified of required deadlines for your employees FMLA leave requests.
  • COMPLIANCE ASSISTANCE - Not sure if a condition falls under FMLA?  Submit your compliance questions directly J. J. Keller's in‑house FMLA experts.
  • TRAINING - With just a click of your mouse, quickly access an abundance of training solutions.
  • FORMS LIBRARY & REPORTING -  The most up-to-date state & federal FMLA forms and access reporting tools to stay on top of usage, status, and time available.
  • COMPANY LOCATIONS - Manage the FMLA leave parameters for each location in your company.
  • REGULATORY REFERENCES - Always have access to up-to-date Federal and State FMLA regulations and additional FMLA compliance information.


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