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Manage the FMLA leave parameters for each location in your company.

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Your company may have a single facility or it may have many. If you have more than one location, you may need to be aware of the location’s particular state family and medical leave requirements, if any. Each location could have its own parameters.

FMLA Manager lets you separately manage the federal, state and company specific leave parameters for each location in your company.

FMLA Manager allows you to define the following parameters for each location:

  • Federal Leave Year: Choose between 12-month rolling backward, 12-month measured forward, anniversary date, fixed 12-month period, or calendar year to ensure the calculations are done accurately and will add back leave as appropriate.
  • Additional Federal Leave: You may want to have only one program, but provide more leave time than is required by law. (For leave provided outside the law, the employee may not have restoration rights, since the leave is not covered by the law.)

Set up FMLA Parameters

  • Track Additional Leave Programs: Track additional company-specific leave programs above and beyond federal and state requirements.
  • State FMLA Leave Programs: View the state specific programs that are applicable to this location. You can verify the leave year type is correct and view the program guidelines.


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